VR FREE PLAY is Virtual Reality Studio' original entertainment offering & fan favorite. 

Offering room-scale game play at it's finest with the freedom of movement & improvisation in your gaming, whats not to love?!


Situated in our main holding area in L-shaped formation are our 8 VR-FREE PLAY Booths. Each booth & session includes:

1x Vive Headset, 2x controllers and motion trackers & a 3m x 3m play area.

Pricing starts from $38 & booking will grant you full access to our current games library, group chat to friends, a PRE-VR tutorial, 1-on-1 care through-out your session.


NEW RELEASES               -                 NOVEMBER LAUNCH                 -               VR FREE PLAY

SOLO GAMES                 -                core GAMES LIBRARY                -              VR FREE PLAY

Multi player                -                2 to 8 player games                 -              vr free play

*Minimum age requirement is 6+                      *Sessions have full access to games library                            *Bookings are essential